There is exciting news for food lovers living on or visiting Waiheke Island.

Renowned Kiwi Chef Josh Emett is the proud new owner of Waiheke Island’s The Oyster Inn.

Emett and his family have been drawn to Waiheke Island’s way of life since arriving home in New Zealand eight years ago, loving its easy-going nature, stunning local produce.

“As a family, we’ve celebrated many of our special occasions at The Oyster Inn. Its superb location, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and simple and fresh menu represent the quintessential kiwi experience and reflects what I enjoy doing most in my downtime with loved ones.” Commented Emett.

Josh Emett made his name internationally as an acclaimed Michelin star chef, but his love of food started as a child growing up on a dairy farm in NZ.

Diners at The Oyster Inn can expect to see a few of the classics that locals know and love returning to the menu as well as a key focus on dishes featuring seasonal vegetables and salads, the freshest local fish and shellfish as well as some delicious meat dishes.

His acquisition of the Waiheke institution is a firm commitment that he is staying put and is excited to showcase the culinary goods from New Zealand’s best destinations.