Introducing Caliwater, the first ready-to-drink cactus water ever launched in New Zealand. Applauded by nutritionists and beauty editors as a revolutionary alternative to coconut water, cactus water is conquering people’s hearts for its mellow berry taste, powerful hydrating properties and anti-aging antioxidants. And this is without mentioning that it contains no fat and has fewer calories and less sugar than most coconut water brands. Caliwater is highly detoxing, rich in electrolytes and made from 100% prickly pear purée, which includes all 24 betalain antioxidants. Available in 330ml and 1 litre cartons, the beverage is also gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher and vegan friendly, which makes it a great bet when it comes to guilt-free hydration.

For more information, call 021 595 879.