Based in a small valley, Duck Creek Olive Grove was established in 2004 with specific plantings of seven varieties of olive trees designed to pollinate and blend to produce quality extra virgin olive oil.

The olives are pollinated by wind, creating an internationally accredited taste. Owners Sally and Derek Holland planted the grove in Church Bay on Waiheke Island in 1995.

“We took the trees to another level by spending two years seriously pruning the trees,” said Sally.

“Many trees were cut back to just the trunk, thus they became a more manageable height to pick and to create new wood. We are establishing an organic philosophy and approach to the whole property.”

Sally and Derek harvest, prune and mulch the grove themselves. They imported tools and equipment from France to harvest the fruit, and have invested in quality machines to assist the work all year round.

A local engineer designed a holding net to catch the olives.

“When we completed our first harvest we wanted to stand apart from our competitors. We spent considerable time on how to package our oil, deciding where we wanted our markets to be and ensure quality to those who receive the oil. We decided to focus on the corporate gift market where we have been most successful, delivering to top restaurants such as The Lunchroom, gourmet delis and specialty cafes,” Sally said.

For more information contact Sally Holland on 09 422 3634 or email