KFC has announced plans to prioritise digital strategy for 2020, exploring ideas like drive-thru technologies and AI-powered menu boards. KFC said that 65 percent of their sales are made at the drive-thru, something that can be upgraded with personalised and improved with a more streamlined, and tech-based approach.

Convenience and tech that can streamline and personalise a dining experience remain a key focus for many players in the QSR business. It is predicted that wait time in the drive-thru, for instance, could play a major role in influencing where people choose to eat.

In addition to KFC’s drive-thru tech, they have also opened a tech-forward store in Louisville, Kentucky, in which self-serve kiosks, mobile ordering and digital menu boards dominate. KFC has since announced that they plan on updating 50 percent of its USA stores with these new digital features by the end of the year.