Statistics show that a customer with a loyalty card will visit a business four times more often, and spend 50 percent more than other customers – utilising a loyalty system can generate great results. Menumate is proactive in delivering solutions that allow businesses to increase their revenue and profit, and LoyaltyMate is the next advancement.

Menumate has been delivering loyalty systems to the hospitality industry for over two decades, and Menumate Loyalty has been a core module in the Menumate suite of products, used clients worldwide. It is a smartphone app and website, branded for the business and creating a marketing solution for the business using it.

LoyaltyMate allows a business to send promotional vouchers to their loyalty clients through email and push notifications directly to their phones. The business can manage conditions of use, validity periods, and percentage or dollar discount.

A hospitality business can target different markets and segmentation to direct their vouchers to the most effective group of customers. The LoyaltyMate solution also provides a complete redemption and analysis solution – when the voucher is presented at Menumate Point of Sale, the system ensures the voucher is valid and will manage the redemption rules to ensure the discount is applied correctly.

Vouchers sent to customers are calls to action. A customer can immediately make a booking at a restaurant, and a business can immediately get a feel for the success of a voucher by the number of responses received.

As with all marketing initiatives, it is critical for a business to be able to review performance. Menumate’s Loyalty website provides a complete analysis of all vouchers; name, cost and most importantly, increased spend. This can prove to be a great staff incentive increase up-selling skills.