DoorDash is Offering Grants to Help Restaurants Survive Winter in the U.S

Outdoor dining has provided a much-needed boost to restaurants in the United States in light of capacity restrictions, but with winter approaching many are wondering what will become of it.

DoorDash wants to alleviate some of that worry through its latest Main Street initiative. The third-party delivery company is allocating $2 million in cold weather grants for restaurants in select cities across the country.

Each restaurant—selected based on local climate, limits on indoor dining, and local population—will receive $5,000 grants to adapt to colder temperatures like purchasing heating equipment and more PPE. The funds will be available to restaurants in Chicago, Denver, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and San Jose.

Currently, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Philadelphia are limiting indoor capacity to 25 percent. Denver operates at 50 percent while San Jose has yet to allow dining rooms to reopen.

To be eligible, brands must have three or fewer units, have employed 50 or fewer workers in 2019, and have earned $3 million or less in annual revenue per store in 2019.

“We know that in cities across the country, the coming months will create new challenges for restaurants, and we’re ready to be part of the solution,” DoorDash wrote in a blog post.

“As we face our new normal, it is critical that we come together to help the restaurants that mean so much to our communities,” DoorDash said. “As always, we are deeply committed to supporting our merchant partners and helping them navigate these difficult times.”