Domino’s Introduces ‘Call on Arrival’

Domino’s has introduced a new feature to its technology-led delivery service that will make it even more reliable. The company is introducing a ‘Call on Arrival’ feature across all its stores in New Zealand and Australia.

The new tech will make an automated voice call to a customer when their delivery driver is within 600 metres, or two minutes, of their destination, all tracked by Domino’s in-car GPS technology.

“For customers, this could mean providing enough notice to come downstairs if they live in an apartment building, or to put the porch light on so their house can be easily located, to restrain their dog, prepare their payment method, or simply make sure they are dressed appropriately,” noted Domino’s Australia and New Zealand chief executive Nick Knight.

Domino’s digital technology plays an important role in the business, leading many of its customer-facing efforts to decrease delivery time and increase product quality. It will also help Domino’s team members to be more efficient and accurate, and more easily facilitate zero contact delivery.

“It [will] assist our Delivery Experts to make more deliveries in less time – helping to keep more New Zealanders at home and safely fed during this time,” said Knight.