Domino’s Boss Employs Homeless Man

On his way to work, Domino’s franchisee Rishi Sharma spotted a man using a discarded pizza box to ask for spare change.

Sharma, who runs multiple Domino’s stores, crossed paths with Brian “Sooty” Wallace on his way to work at the Lower Hutt store late last month. Wallace caught his eye as he was using the back of a discarded Domino’s pizza box to ask passers-by on Kings Crescent if they had any spare change.

Stopping to offer Wallace a coffee and a hot meal, Sharma learned he had lost his job due to COVID-19 and was homeless. Touched by his story and his overwhelmingly positive attitude, Sharma offered Wallace a job on the spot.

Excited at the opportunity of employment, Wallace arrived early for his first shift at Domino’s Lower Hutt two days later.

“I offered him a position as a Domino’s wobble-boarder, which is an incredibly important role helping to attract new and existing customers in-store with the offer of a tasty deal,” said Sharma.

“On his first shift, I trained him on all of the wobble-boarding basics, including where to stand outside of the store and how to safely hold the board.”

Wallace learned quickly and had picked up all the skill by the end of his shift, Sharma said. He has since had three more shifts at the store where he was going from strength to strength.

“As a fast and eager learner, we will continue to train Sooty in more areas of store operations, including how to take orders and make and bake perfect pizzas,” said Sharma who considers himself fortunate to be a part of a business that gave him the opportunity to help others.

“At the end of the day, I believe that the world is full of nice people. But if you can’t find one, then be one.”