Do You Want A Pfizer With That?

An Auckland councillor has proposed vaccination buses or centres be set up at KFC's across Auckland to vaccinate those waiting for their fried chicken.

While many Aucklanders anticipate their long-awaited takeaways, Josephine Bartley believed it's an excellent opportunity to vaccinate locals in Covid-19 hotspots.

People might as well get vaccinated whilst they're waiting in line, she said.

Bartley reached out to KFC NZ franchise holder Restaurant Brands and shared her idea.

While KFC's are located across the region, Bartley suggested vaccination centres be set up at sites in covid hotspots like Papatoetoe and Mangere.

KFC is well patronised by its local communities, so Bartley didn't see why it wouldn't take this opportunity to do good for its communities.

Long lines at takeaways across Auckland were seen last year when the country moved to level 3 as people were desperate for a taste of Kentucky fried goodness.

Nearly 40 percent of eligible New Zealanders are now fully vaccinated, and another 35 percent have had one shot.