Do Kiwis want to drink less?

Results from the Global Drug Survey (GDS) for 2019 revealed that 42.5 percent of Kiwi respondents wanted to drink less next year. The same figure for all participants was 37.8 percent.

On average, New Zealanders got drunk 33.6 times a year. The global average was 33 times a year. The country with the highest number of days drunk per year was the United Kingdom, with the average respondent getting drunk 51.1 times per year. Second, was the United States, whose average was 50.3 days/nights.

According to the New Zealand Drug Foundation, trends in drinking alcohol have been decreasing across the population. Although there are still many Kiwis consuming alcohol, the overall amount of alcohol consumed is becoming less and less. Although New Zealand doesn’t look as though it is an obvious outlier when compared to the rest of the world, our average number of times getting drunk is still slightly higher than average.

The GDS is a global survey conducted by academics from around the world from a diverse range of disciplines.