Everyone loves the little luxuries in life and nothing celebrates that better than high tea. It’s a social occasion to share between friends, family and colleagues and as the tea flows so does the conversation. Tea acts as a palate cleanser and thirst quencher; it’s the creative ingredient that can flavour a ganache or an iced tea cocktail! Tea is tradition and good taste but it is inspiring contemporary twists that respect the occasion while redefining the art of hospitality. From the first bite to the last sip the new loose leaf Vivid range tantalise the tastebuds from a classic Ceylon Breakfast to Elderflower and Apple or Blood Orange and Eucalyptus. Stored in stunning silver tins free with orders of the full range and handy refill cubes, your customers will want to buy your backup. Contact Cerebos Foodservice today and to take your tea higher: 0800DILMAH.