Denheath have launched a new website, complete with a new 'Specials' page, allowing customers to make the most of these iconic treats and fantastic prices.

Visit the new website here:

And the specials page here:

Petite Custard Squares and Denheath Dessert Squares are perfect for any occasion. Lisa and Donald have taken the unique iconic Kiwi classic Denheath custard square and packed it into a finger-sized morsel! These fluffy, high-rise, melt-in-your-mouth, rich, creamy, vanilla-custard-filled squares are complemented with golden flaky pastry and yummy icing topped with curly-white shredded coconut. What a great way to bring sweet flavour to weddings, birthdays or any event where you want finger food that gets people talking. Visit or free phone 0800 336432.