Delivery service in administration

Popular Australian meal delivery service Five Point Four has filed for administration, citing “increasing competition.” Five Point Four has stopped taking orders or making deliveries and has deleted all of its social media account.

The company’s business model was based heavily on social media, with the company working with Instagram influencers and celebrities in order to promote itself.

“I was so surprised, their meals were awesome and I felt like they had a big customer base,” said one blogger, who has been working with the company up until a month ago. She said that there was “no indication at all” that the company was in trouble, and had been promoting its meals throughout 2019.

The company was started by Beni Doolan in 2013 and had expanded along the east coast of Australia. It gained hundreds of thousands of Facebook likes and was estimated at around $12 million. It grew 940 percent between 2013 and 2016, and invested $40 million in a new factory in 2017.

The company phone line has since been disconnected.