A New Zealand start-up is looking to bring liquor delivery to your home to the forefront of the Kiwi foodservice industry.

Give me Bread, started by University of Canterbury graduate Abhay Pratap and Chandni Jain are bringing the New Zealand-first concept to the wider market after trialling their delivery services since 2017. The business will combine typical restaurant-meal delivery, as well as offering customers the luxury of having liquor delivered, as well.

“I have been really impressed with the energy and dedication that Abhay and Chandni have brought to their start-up,” said Oli Hille, chartered accountant and University of Canterbury lecturer who is mentoring the business. “They have both left high paying banking jobs to get Masters degrees and then start up a very exciting food and liquor delivery service in Christchurch.”

“Since they started the business in November 2017, sales and order numbers have grown every month,” continued Hille. “This is a very exciting and disruptive business model that uses fantastic technology to link customers to their favourite tipple, and delivers to customers’ homes within minutes.”

“Our customers love how easy it is to order their favourite drink in seconds,” said Pratap. “We have repeat orders every week from busy professionals who want the simplicity of their favourite beverage arriving at the door—perfect for when visitors arrive.”