Made with organic New Zealand apples, All Good Switchel is the refreshing new way to drink apple cider vinegar. Organic and sparkling, All Good Switchel comes in three delicious flavours—Lemon & Ginger, Apple & Blackcurrant and Peach & Passionfruit.

With 500,000,000 live probiotic CFUs, unpasteurised and raw apple cider vinegar and all-natural ingredients, All Good Switchel promotes good health in a delicious drink.

There are many stories around the origin of the Switchel, it was once enjoyed by American hay farmers for its hydrating properties. This new twist on the old drink is New Zealand-owned and made, to be enjoyed by Kiwis across the country.

With no added sugar, preservatives or anything artificial, your customers will love the new All Good Switchel. For samples, more information or to order, contact or 027 299 5164.