DB Employee Bar Tab to Help Auckland Hospo

Hospitality is so close to opening in Auckland and to mark the occasion DB Breweries is shouting a $250 bar tab for each of its employees across the country to help get feet through the doors of bars and restaurants in the coming weeks.

DB is sending its people out to eat, drink, and support customers and businesses that haven’t been able to operate as normal under heightened restrictions around New Zealand.

“The ‘DB Shout’ fund is our way of showing direct support for our customers and the wider hospitality industry,” commented Paul Millward, Sales Director at DB.

“We know it will bring life, smiles, and cash into bars and restaurants as they get back on their feet after lockdowns and limited trading.”

In 2020, after the first rounds of COVID lockdowns, DB Breweries launched ‘Back Your Bar’, a million-dollar support package.

“Hospitality is a special industry where we all have amazing memories over the years,” continued Millward.

“Incredible, hardworking owners and their staff put their hearts and souls into these businesses.”