Liquor giant Lion NZ has suffered a cyber-attack which has affected supply lines to pubs and bottle stores across the country.

The company's phones, emails and online ordering system is believed to have been compromised by the issue with customers unable to order stock.

The cyber incident was confirmed by external relations director Sara Tucker in a written statement which said its business in New Zealand and Australia had been affected.

"As a precaution we have shut down our IT systems, which has caused disruption to suppliers and customers," Tucker said.

"Although our ability to process and deliver orders has been significantly affected, we have teams working round the clock and have started to deliver some orders."

There was no evidence of any type of data breaches to date, but investigations were ongoing.

One year ago the company, owned by Japanese brewer Kirin Holdings, underwent a multi-million-dollar IT transformation project. The two-year project centralised the business' 500 applications into one cloud-based platform and involved 550 people from the global team.