Customers in Huntly Roll Up Their Sleeves to Help Restaurant

Diner Emily Puhi captured the moment a customer started waiting tables after finding out the chef was the only person on duty following a family emergency.

When staff members suffered a sudden family emergency, customers came to the rescue of a Huntly restaurant.

After delays in service on a busy Friday night, customers at popular restaurant Thai Food Huntly soon realised there was only one chef on shift to run the whole establishment.

With tables filling up, people lining up to pay, food to get picked up and dinner to run to tables, one customer suddenly grabbed a note pad and pen and started taking orders. Minutes later, others jumped in to help, including taking payments and running food.

"One lady who was waiting to pay heard the chef was the only staff member on and suddenly grabbed a note pad and started waiting tables,” explained a Friday night diner.

"A customer even jumped in to do the dishes. With the permission of the chef, a worker from next door ran the tills to make sure everyone paid. It was such a beautiful feeling. I was really happy we live in such a great community. It was worth customers jumping in to help out because the food is absolutely incredible.”

On the night, the restaurant apologised on social media, explaining they only had one staff member available to work and were trying their best to get orders out as fast as possible. A spokesperson for the restaurant said they were thankful for having such generous customers and praised the people of Huntly for their compassion and kindness.