Mexicali Fresh has enlisted Customer Radar to ensure their customers’ experiences are second to none. The brand has come a long way since first launching in New Zealand in 2005 and has since grown into a national brand providing quality Mexican fast food. The company found the best way to continue growing is to give people a voice, and that includes both the people who like the company and those who don’t.

Mexicali’s parent company, Mariposa Restaurant Holdings (MRH) trialled Customer Radar in 2014 to enable them to gather and analyse feedback from customers. Having received encouraging results, they are now using Customer Radar’s feedback technology in all stores nationwide and are implementing the same across its chain of Burger Wisconsin stores also.

Customer Radar enables the company to get information by integrating its live customer feedback technology with Mexicali Fresh’s receipts as well as their website, app, newsletters and digital screens in-store. The two companies are now working together on ways of making it even easier for customers to have their say.

CAPTION: Conor Kerlin, Co Founder and “Brand Dude” of Mexicali Fresh