Coromandel Cafe Hosted Covid Community Case Three Times

The staff of one location of interest a Covid-infected man visited were shocked to have hosted him three times but were thankful he'd used the Covid app.

Umu café in the Coromandel was identified as one of a dozen places the 58-year-old visited.

In a post shared on the cafe's Facebook page late last night, staff said: "As you would have probably heard, Umu has been identified as a location of interest in the latest Covid case.

"We are as shocked as all of you but are trying to keep our staff and customers as informed as we are."

The man, from Devonport, travelled to the region on Friday the 13th with his wife and spent the weekend there.

He visited Umu café on three separate occasions - Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday morning.

Customers in the café at these times are advised to self-isolate and get tested.

Despite the situation, the café is thankful the man checked in with the Covid-19 tracer app.

Members of the public have been in touch with the café, offering positive messages.