Stoddart is Australia's premier suppliers of food service equipment and are launching their services and products to the New Zealand market at the Fine Food Show in Auckland this weekend. Stoddart’s signature is their ability to combine traditional and high-level customer service with the complexities and technological demands of kitchens today.

Family owned and managed for three generations, Stoddart walk their talk. “We are extremely excited by the prospect of launching in New Zealand,” said Tony Stoddart, manager of strategy and development. “We will bring proven brands to the market which offer innovation and value for money. Moreover, we will offer the New Zealand market alternatives that it has not previously had access to. With support from our customers we look forward to making it a real success.”

From simple beginnings 54 years ago with two brothers, Tom and Albert, Stoddart is Australia’s one stop shop for exclusively made and distributed brands. Of their entire workforce, at least 115 employees have been with the company for over 10 years – that’s quite an achievement with workforce disruption inherent in manufacturing today.

Their product list shouts innovation. From a manufacturing base Stoddart has always pushed the boundaries to deliver the results in the kitchen with patented technologies bringing cost, time and space savings.  Their own warehouse here will operate electric forklifts and manufactured brands Woodson and Culinaire use intelligent technology and customisation for satisfied customers every time.

As an example, the latest Culinaire Combi Oven delivers outstanding savings of more than 30 percent in running costs and takes up 40 percent less space. Want to know more? Meet Corporate Executive Chef Michael Zorzo and the Stoddart team at the Fine Food Show this weekend. Chef Michael has over 18 years’ experience working with the Stoddart range and has fully trained staff in kitchen work for fine dining, large-scale institutional set-ups, venue catering and high production kitchens.

With a 22,500 m2 manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Stoddart has undertaken a four-year lease for a warehouse, showroom and office located in Onehunga, Auckland.