A new restaurant is set to open in London’s Soho with a unique theme.

Wonderland Restaurants is set to open a DC Comics (the publisher behind such icons as Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman) inspired restaurant called Park Row, named after the area of Gotham City, which is home to Bruce Wayne.

The restaurant will be the first fully immersive DC-inspired restaurant experience in the world and is a partnership between Wonderland Restaurants, entertainment company Warner Bros and DC.

The interiors have been designed to bring DC’s famous fictional environments to life. Pennyworth’s (named after Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred) will serve historically inspired British food while The Iceberg Lounge, dedicated to Batman comic book villain the Penguin, will be the largest restaurant in the Art Deco dining room.

Peter van Roden, senior vice president of Global Themed Entertainment at Warner Bros. Consumer Products, said. “We are hugely excited to see the first immersive DC-inspired restaurant open here in London and we wish the incredibly talented team at Wonderland and Park Row all the best for its launch.”