Cold Coffees To Get You Through Summer

With the heatwave sweeping the nation there has never been a better time to opt for a cold coffee pick me up. Here are four cold coffee ideas to get you through the sweltering heat.


Vietnamese Coffee

This traditional brew not only has a caramel colour but also a sweet taste. It is made using drip-filter coffee and condensed milk with ice.


An affogato

Half hot espresso, half dessert. Affogato takes cold vanilla ice cream and combines it with your favourite coffee.


Iced Coffee

The traditional cold coffee will always remain a fan favourite. Made using a combination of ice cream, coffee and whipped cream it is essential on a café menu.


Cold Brew

This chilled coffee has exploded in recent years. The coffee is processed in water and left to brew over a long period of time before it is filtered. You can generally find it premade at your favourite food outlets and supermarkets.