The Packaging Forum has commissioned a detailed analysis of the estimated 295 million hot and cold disposable cups consumed in NZ each year to inform a new study into where compostable cups and lids can actually be composted.

“Over 90 percent of the coffee and cold cups that are consumed are either manufactured or sold by our members,” said Lyn Mayes, communications manager for the packaging Forum. “Over the past few years many New Zealand cafes and businesses have moved from paper cups lined with plastic to PLA lined coffee cups which are compostable only if they are sent to a commercial composting facility.”

“There is however confusion about how consumers actually know what type of cup they have and how and where they should dispose of it. Compostable cups and lids are made of different materials and how they break down in a compost facility and how long it takes is dependent upon the process. We have established a Working Group which includes all the major cup manufacturers, distributors as well as representatives from materials collectors to develop an industry position.”