Instagram has seen the genesis of a number of questionable food fads. There was the freakshake, a monstrous mix of drink and dessert that looked impossible to eat but also fantastic for the ‘gram. Then there was unicorn toast, which had very little to do with the mythical beast of antiquity and much more to do with fitting as much rainbow cream cheese as possible onto a slice of toasted bread, garnished with sprinkles.

Fortunately, the latest trend on the image sharing app lacks the garish decoration and stomach-turning food colouring of the others and, in fact, looks like it would be rather straightforward to eat. Cloud eggs are simple - the whites are whipped, the yolk placed in the centre and the egg is baked. Some users are adding bacon and parsley into the mix, or using the egg to top avocado or salad. Regardless, it is probably the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram food trend of the year, and one that anyone can do.