Chef Shares Talent With StudentsWellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) trainee chefs were treated to an amazing culinary display as renowned Japanese chef Mr Naoyuki Yanagihara visited the School of Hospitality.

Mr Yanagihara, who has been touring New Zealand to share his incredible talents, demonstrated to WelTec staff and students on how to prepare and present a sashimi platter.

“Students learned about food, tradition and culture and how they merge together in Japanese cuisine,” said Scott Campbell, chef tutor at WelTec.

“Japanese practices are steeped in history and it was a privilege to receive Mr Yanagihara at our hospitality campus and have the opportunity to learn about Japanese knives and how to handle them. The garnishing techniques used by Mr Yanagihara are impressive and he obtains different effects from the food when compared to what we can achieve using Western cooking knives,” said Campbell.