Cashless ‘tap-and-take’ trial

Domino’s Australia is trialling a string of ‘tap-and-take’ stores—streamlined stores that only accept electronic payment methods. Across New South Wales and Queensland, five stores will be converted to the cashless stores in the hope of reducing in-store queues and delivery wait time.

In these stores, customers are invited to use any form of electronic payment methods they have access to, including their card, phone or smartwatch, as their meal is prepared. Not only is Domino’s hoping to increase service speed, but also the safety of the stores.

Moving towards a cashless store has been opted for by other big brands, like Amazon, who launched a cashless ‘Amazon Go’ store to mixed reviews. Domino’s understands that it is inevitable that there will be customers who oppose the cashless move, as it may infringe on their privacy. However, the increasing prevalence of technology indicates that the future may look more and more akin to the proposed cashless store. Domino’s have said that this is just a trial at this stage, and results from the Australia outing will be indicative of whether or not it is brought to New Zealand.