Carousel Bar receives suspension

Carousel Bar in Dunedin, as well as two of its managers, have been issued suspensions after the bar was accused of overcrowding, excess intoxication and a lack of food options.

Last month, owner John Devereux appeared before the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority last month. Devereux acknowledged that there were times when the bar had been crowded, and that excess intoxication had occurred.

The bar, which is supposed to have only 50 patrons maximum at a time, was said to have around 80 people inside last year in September. According to Ian Paulin, alcohol harm reduction officer said that Devereux had turned a blind eye on public safety.

Police’s main concerns were that should an emergency occur, the patrons would struggle to leave the venue via the one exit Carousel has.

The suspension will run from 8 am on June 6th until 8 am on June 9th. On top of that, Devereux and fellow manager, Tessa Cooper, will be suspended for 28 days starting in early June.