Cambridge besties and My Kitchen Rules NZ winners Neena Truscott and Belinda MacDonald are bringing an international trend to Kiwi shores with the launch of New Zealand’s first pop up broth bar dedicated to organic bone broth.

Broth Bar, a wellness hub and takeaway pop up broth bar by The Green Kitchen opens today on Cambridge’s Alpha Street, offering flavoursome, nutrient-rich broths.

Since winning the reality cooking show title in 2014, the pair has been working on bringing the concept for Broth Bar to their home town. Designed with a Scandinavian street market feel, the bar offers diners an enticing atmosphere in which to enjoy a unique culinary experience.

Broth Bar’s fun and quirky menu offers a range of nourishing hot broths and broth bowls created from organic chicken and beef bones, slow cooked for more than 24 hours.

Their food philosophy and broth concoctions were born from their own health difficulties and the desire to help others dealing with intolerances and food problems.

Neena, a qualified health and wellness coach struggled to manage various health issues after the birth of her twin daughters. She now views this as a valuable experience which opened her eyes to a completely different approach to food.

“Food was never a huge passion of mine. I grew up following a simple rule of ‘if I want it, eat it’. But in dealing with multiple intolerances and allergens, I’ve learned to listen to my body and become far more intuitive.”

Belinda, a food-technology teacher on the other hand has been a dedicated foodie all her life. Passionate about creating seasonal and nourishing meals which incorporate healing elements, Belinda’s love for food and foraging is what opened Neena’s eyes to a world of edible goodness. She’s also the brains behind Broth Bar’s natural medicinal creations.

“When your whole life revolves around food, you begin to ask yourself what it actually is that motivates this indescribable love. For me, food represents health, culture, unity and contentment. Cooking is my daily creative outlet and it allows me to express love, through the nurturing practice of feeding others.”

A natural health tonic, bone broth is much-loved for its restorative factors which help to reduce inflammation, heal leaky gut conditions, nourish the immune system, strengthen bones and promote radiant hair and skin.

Fresh, organic produce is sourced from local suppliers and used within tempting concoctions such as the Hot & Sour Power Bowl with black fungus, shitake, bamboo shoots, pickled aromatic shallot and fresh herbs, enriched with coconut aminos and the duo’s own ‘fire cider’.

This signature blend of apple cider vinegar tonic, says Belinda, adds depth of flavour among other benefits.

“It’s an utterly delicious herbal tincture full of immune boosting properties. Steeped for eight to ten weeks with anti-inflammatory veges, herbs and spices, this is our personal twist on ‘fire cider’ - an ancient tonic that awakens the broth but also works on its own as an immune boosting shot.”

Challenging the caffeine crowd, the addition of a ‘frothee brothee’ is a hipster play on cappuccino. Hot broth infused with Thom Kha and coconut creates a delicious frothy Thai coconut-style latte.

Liquid dishes at Broth Bar vary from $5-$18 and include a range of organic vegan, chicken and beef-based broth cups and bowls customisable with an assortment of homemade tinctures. These include chilli oil and a selection of salts to create layered flavour profiles.

Health enthusiasts looking for an extra punch of flavour are encouraged to visit ‘vinegar alley’ which houses a unique selection of homemade powerhouse medicinal vinegars. Popular brews such as garlic oxymel from the besties’ famed cookbook My Green Kitchen and Echinacea root will be decanted on site for diners as a nutrient booster shot or broth condiment.

Frozen pouches of bone broth (500 ml or 1 litre) and accompanying dinner bowls are also available to takeaway, making for a quick and easy dinner alternative which only requires the addition of your favourite protein.

Broth Bar by The Green Kitchen is open to receiving expressions of interest from stockists.