Burger King to deliver to motorists in traffic

Burger King will soon be delivering Whoppers to Los Angeles drivers stuck in traffic. Following a successful trial period in Mexico City, Burger King has gone ahead with plans to roll it out in areas of Los Angeles.

The app works through real-time data that communicates between the nearest Burger King store and motorists in traffic. The delivery zone is roughly 5 kilometres from nearby Burger King stores, and at this stage, orders are limited to a Whopper combo meal. Billboards and banners within the accompanying app display information regarding the progress of the orders. To make sure that drivers are still safe the app allows voice-activated commands. Average delivery times from order to delivery are around 15 minutes.

Bruno Cardinali, head of marketing for Burger King Latin America and Caribbean, said, “The strong increase in awareness and downloads of our Burger King Mexico app alongside the strong uplift in overall delivery sales is encouraging us to extend the program not only in other busy Mexican cities but to other megacities like Los Angeles, São Paulo and Shanghai.”