NZ food prices rise

Food prices in New Zealand rose an annual 1 percent in April, coinciding with the $1.20 an hour increase in the minimum wage. In March, food prices had risen 1.2 percent, while restaurant meals and ready-to-eat food increased 3.2 percent on the year in April.

Gael Price, consumer prices manager, said, “Prices for restaurant meals and ready-to-eat food usually increase steadily over time. However, April saw the biggest monthly rise since October 2010.”

Although the general rise in price shows a 1 percent increase, there is a disparity among some individual items. Chocolate and ice cream hit new peaks in April, with the average cost of a 2-litre tub of ice cream coming in at $6.36—last April it was $5.54. Inversely, fruit and vegetable pricing fell 4.1 percent. Currently, Stats NZ put annual inflation at 1.5 percent.