Burger King has released an innovative new ad, but not everyone is happy. Promoting Burger King’s flagship burger the Whopper, the 15‑second ad features an actor who says, "OK Google, what is the Whopper burger?" in an attempt to force the Google Home devices of viewers to read out the Wikipedia page of the burger. Disgruntled viewers got their own back by changing the description of the burger on Wikipedia to proclaim the burger was made with "100 per cent rat and toenail clippings” and “a medium-sized child.” In response to overwhelmingly negative feedback, Google took steps to mitigate the impact of the command and devices no longer respond. While they have not officially released a statement, it is assumed that Google quickly updated the Home software to ignore that specific voice. Legal disputes are now on the cards, with potential for action against Google for not appropriately guarding the devices against third party users, and also the potential for Google to take on Burger King for inappropriately leveraging their devices.