Burger King backs its vegan patty

Burger King has unveiled plans to roll out the vegan Impossible Burger patty across the United States by the end of 2019. The Impossible Burger patty comes as an option for Burger King’s signature Whopper. The Impossible Burger patty has been trialled at specific Burger king locations since early April.

The Impossible burger patty is said to mirror the taste and consistency of a regular meat patty, even having the ability to ‘bleed’ with the inclusion of heme, a protein usually found in blood. However, in the case of the vegan patty, Impossible Burger was able to derive the protein from plants, instead. Compared to the regular meat patty, it is said that the Impossible Burger contains 30 percent less sodium, 40 percent less fat, and around 80 percent of the protein that a regular patty has.

If the Impossible Burger patty were to roll out to each one of Burger King’s 7200 locations in the United States, this would be the largest chain to do so.