BrewDog Crowdfunding for First NZ Bar

Following the launch of its first Australian brewery in Brisbane in late 2019, craft beer trailblazer, BrewDog, has announced plans to expand into New Zealand with the search underway for its first craft beer bar site.

The first carbon-negative beer business in the world, BrewDog is owned by thousands of craft beer lovers across the world who have all invested in the brewery’s pioneering ‘Equity for Punks’ crowdfunding program. These 180,000+ ‘Equity Punks’ are the brewery’s heart and soul.

As part of its expansion, BrewDog has extended its pioneering crowdfunding initiative, Equity for Punks, to New Zealand. The radically different type of share offering that sets a new precedent for planet-friendly business will now give Kiwi beer lovers the opportunity to shape the future of the Australian-owned company in New Zealand.

Every single dollar raised will be used to sustainably fuel BrewDog’s growth in Australia and New Zealand. The brewer has also confirmed that if more than 500 Equity Punks join from the same New Zealand city, they will aim to open a BrewDog bar there within the next two years.

“We are extremely grateful for the outstanding support we have received so far in Australia which has convinced us that the time is right to start the search in New Zealand,” said Ed Bott, BrewDog’s ANZ CEO.

“We can’t wait to bring our relentless obsession with incredible craft beer over to our Kiwi friends and embrace the local beer scene there as we have in Australia. We look forward to building a fast-paced sustainable business that will act as a force for good in New Zealand and contribute to BrewDog becoming one of the most sustainable businesses in the world.”

For more info about Equity for Punks, click here.