Bloom’s Pretzels

Bloom’s Pretzels began when Yvonne Blum and her family moved to New Zealand from Germany in 2007.
“We fell in love with our new homeland from the start, but we missed real soft pretzels. Soft pretzels are probably one of the best-known and oldest street foods in Europe and America and they are an important part of the food culture there,” said Blum.
Longing for a taste of home, Blum began making the pretzels at home and turned it into a budding business. In 2009 Blum was approached by a German Café to produce the pretzels commercially. Now Bloom’s Pretzels is a nationwide business and supplies its pretzels to gourmet stores, bakeries, cafés and restaurants, also with a weekly stall at the Clevedon and Howick farmers markets.
“The best way to enjoy a soft pretzel is to eat them freshly baked out of the oven together with some butter. That's how we love them,” Blum said.
Popular stuffed pretzel flavours include tomato cream cheese and apple pie cinnamon.
“We created a lot of new flavours by listening to customer ideas and suggestions. The customers’ response was great and there was an overwhelmingly positive feedback. I believe that is the advantage to living in a young country. People are so positive about trying new products,” said Blum.