Ponsonby favourites Bedford Soda and Liquor are slowly expanding their reach around Auckland with the opening of their new location in the McKenzie Precinct on Hurstmere Road, Takapuna. Bedford Soda and Liquor, named after the longest street in Brooklyn which runs through the trendy suburb of Williamsburg, was started by three friends after trips to New York left them wanting to replicate the city’s eating and drinking culture.

“New York has the most innovative, exciting and diverse bar and restaurant culture in the world,” says radio personality and co-owner Jeremy Wells. “Matt, Sam and I all agreed while we were there that Bedford should offer simple, affordable New York street food juxtaposed with a super interesting cocktail and drinks menu.”

The new joint is decked out with simple industrial fittings, a low top bar and outdoor seating, perfect for people watching. The Takapuna location follows the tradition established by the one in Ponsonby, with plenty of craft beer as well as a hand-crafted menu of cocktails. A write-on menu allows you to tailor your meatballs (Bedford’s signature dish) to your preference, with choices of sauce and under-ball base such as pasta, mash, risotto or beans.