Becoming a qualified beer drinker

Beer is a passion for many. Becoming qualified to drink and taste beer is turning passion into action. On the 2nd of March, the Beer Judge Certification Program exam was held in Palmerston North. The exam involved the tasting of beer from people who were looking to take their love of beer to the next level and comparing it to the already qualified beer judges. Nine men got to spend 15 minutes with six different beers, they analysed the taste and hoped to complete the exam successfully in order to be able to judge beer at competitions and gain a ‘ranking’.

Dave Moynagh, one of the judges in this session said that the exam was designed more for home brewers, but they had commercial people sitting it as well. “The beer community is people from all works of life.”

The Beer Judge Certification Program is a non-profit organisation and has only been in New Zealand for the last few years.