AUS | NSW Revealed Stages of Reopening

New South Wales unveiled how it will fully reopen its state after months of lockdowns to curb the Delta outbreak, with freedoms substantially staggered for unvaccinated residents to re-engage with society.

NSW's reopening would be split into three stages: 70 percent vaccination coverage, 80 percent vaccination coverage, and the final stage of reopening set for December.

While the first and second stages will be reserved for vaccinated residents, those who are unvaccinated will join in December.

Gathering, recreation and travel restrictions will be eased from the 80 percent target and based on spacing requirements instead of person limits. Masks will also no longer be required in some indoor settings. However, travel from Sydney to NSW was pushed back from the first stage to the second stage.

The second stage of reopening will build on the freedoms of the first stage. When 80 percent of vaccination coverage is reached, the following freedoms will apply to fully vaccinated people over 16 and with medical exemptions.

Venues including hospitality, retail and gyms will operate with one vaccinated person per four square metres inside and two square metres outside. Major outdoor recreation facilities will operate with one vaccinated person per four square metres, capped at 5,000 people. Entertainment, information and education facilities such as cinemas and libraries will operate with one vaccinated person per four square metres, or 75 percent fixed seating capacity, whichever is larger.

One vaccinated person per four square metres, uncapped, for weddings, funerals, and places of worship.

At the final stage, the requirements for operating will drop to one vaccinated person per two square metres.