Auckland Roastery Launches Coffee Run

Atomic Coffee Roasters was part of the first wave of espresso culture in New Zealand, opening its doors in 1992.

Now, the roastery has four cafes in Auckland and supplies to consumers and cafes alike.

“I think we have a history of doing things a little bit differently to other roasters,” said Casey Deane, general manager.

“Richer, more complex flavour profiles, a unique aesthetic, a record of musicians, artists and lovable ratbags through the doors, and a dedicated focus on baristas are the cornerstone of our industry.”

Atomic Coffee Roasters has three core blends, including a certified Organic. It also runs seasonal blends, limited micro-lots, single-origin staples and a new single-origin every month.

“The focus for the espresso blends is consistency,” said Deane, “the rest of the range is where we get to explore different producing countries, new processing methods, varietals and roasting techniques.”

The roastery uses a Loring Kestrel, which consumes 80 percent less gas than a traditional drum roaster, keeping CO2 emissions to a minimum.

“The Loring Kestrel also allows us to fine-tune and shape our roast profiles, is super responsive and energy-efficient.

“The coffee has come a long way, so we aim to treat it with respect and get the best out of it,” added Deane.

Atomic has recently launched its new delivery system in Kingsland.

“Brew Run is a unique delivery service from Atomic – the freshest coffee you can possibly get, delivered by the roaster direct from the roastery.

“Your order arrives at your door in a reusable, Atomic canister. When you’re ready to return any used canisters, we’ll collect your empties and apply credits to your next order. This is all managed through an easy-to-use web app,” Deane explained.

“They get cleaned, sanitised and put back into circulation, just like an old school milk run…only with freshly roasted coffee beans.”

Sustainability is incredibly important to Atomic, which has a dedicated sustainability team.

“We want to make sure we’re applying a sustainability lens to all our decision making,” said Deane.

“The end goal is to be a zero-landfill, carbon-neutral coffee roaster and be in a position to help our customers head in the same direction.”

Atomic’s core blends consist of Fairtrade beans, so both Atomic and its customers know the coffee has met ethical, financial, and environmental standards. Its progress in transitioning to compostable and recyclable products is just a step towards reusable packaging, which is what inspired Brew Run.

It is early days, but the feedback for the delivery service has been fantastic so far.

“Those that have tried it tell us they love the concept and are ordering every week,” Deane noted.

Whilst Brew Run is keeping it close to Kingsland HQ, Atomic hopes to take it Auckland-wide. People are already wanting Brew Run where they live.

“We believe in the concept and want to get fresher, better quality coffee in more homes, without any single-use packaging.”

For those at home, Deane suggests getting a favourite mug. “Ritual is a big part of the pleasure in a good cuppa and what you drink out of definitely affects the flavour.”

He also suggests a single cup filter cone. “It’s my go-to at home and I’ve taken one with me on every business trip or holiday for the last 17 years.”