Auckland Floods | What Does This Mean For the Bay of Plenty?

The Auckland floods are anticipated to exacerbate inflation and dampen economic growth, especially in areas of the Upper North Island.

Chief Executive of Tauranga Chamber of Commerce, Matt Cowley, said that businesses across the Bay of Plenty can expect to feel the impacts of Auckland's recovery.

While flood damage in the Western Bay was contained to a few acute areas, Cowley feels that supply chain issues, caused by the flood's disruptions to suppliers and staff, will be a notable challenge in the coming months.

"Auckland may need to borrow some of Tauranga's tradesmen to help speed up the repairs, when Tauranga already has a local shortage of skilled tradies. The derailment of the freight train in Te Puke will impact the forestry sector, particularly in the Eastern Bay."

Cowley added that the Port of Tauranga will likely need to adjust its shipping schedule to accommodate for interruptions caused by the floods.

"But it will likely mean more trucks on the road."

Matt Cowley, Chief Executive of the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce