Asahi’s AKAI DOA to reopen its doors

Aucklanders can soon again enjoy a second serving of the pop-up restaurant, AKAI DOA, as it opens its red door for a second time in April.

Asahi’s AKAI DOA (or red door) will launch for a limited time at Las Vegas Club on K-Road and promises to deliver a theatrical dining experience like no other, combining incredible food alongside culture, fashion and collaboration.

A new six-course menu has been created especially for the reopening, by renowned chef, Yukio Ozeki from Azabu. The dishes will offer a modern-day twist on traditional Japanese cuisine and take inspiration from Japan’s most popular beer, Asahi Super Dry.

“Last year, AKAI DOA was hugely popular and this year AKAI DOA promises to take the dining experience to a whole new level,” said Asahi Super Dry Marketing Manager Stephanie Scard. “As well a stunning new menu, diners can expect an extra portion of theatricals, with an immersive lighting installation created by award-winning artist, Angus Muir, fashion shows by Stolen Girlfriends Club at the end of May and a fresh new dining collaboration with Auckland’s leading restaurant CULPRIT in June. Asahi’s AKAI DOA is set to offer a totally new and immersive dining experience of light, sound and energy beyond anything done before.”

Asahi’s AKAI DOA will include the launch of AKAI DOA Late where a collective of international DJs will take patrons late into the evening on Friday and Saturday nights. The red door officially opens on Thursday 11th April and the pop-up restaurant will be open for a limited time on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.