Apartment Residents Complain About Cafe Smells

photo credit: Toastie Picton

A toastie cafe in Picton is installing a new extraction unit after neighbours complained about smelling toasted sandwiches all day.

Residents in the apartment complex above Toastie Picton cafe were put out after the food smells drifted up to their waterfront balconies and into their homes.

Residents claimed the smell was so strong that they couldn't open their doors or windows between 7.30am and 4.30pm. Even with the cafe closed during the lockdown, there was a residual smell of burnt butter.

The corporation representing the luxury Oxley Rock apartments told the Marlborough District Council it had received multiple complaints from owners about the smells.

After the complaints, the council visited the apartments and agreed there was a strong odour that could be smelt from the balconies.

The council notified Toastie Picton, which was understanding and keen to fix the problem.

Toastie Picton manager Taylor Hamilton said the business had reached out to extraction unit providers after realising the premises were not equipped to cope with the volume of toasties, hence the toastie smell.

Hamilton was expecting to be a coffee shop that offered toasties, but the sandwiches are in high demand.

Toastie Picton remains closed during alert level 2, so a large extraction unit can be installed.