According to research firm NDP group, no fast food chain in the US saw an increase in customer traffic in 2016. In response to this, a growing number of fast food chains are looking at adding alcohol to the menu, or increasing the range already offered.

Taco Bell plans on opening 150 venues with alcohol licences, which will be called Cantinas. There are currently seven in operation, serving beer and frozen mixed drinks such as vodka, rum, whisky and tequila. Pizza Hut serves beer and 3,500 of its restaurants, and is planning on adding alcohol to a further 200.

"It creates a little bit of buzz – in both senses of the word," said restaurant consultant Aaron Allen. "A lot of beverages with alcohol will have USD$3-$8 ticket prices, depending on their promotional pricing. Add a few of those on and you increase the check average. You can drive revenue without having to drive traffic."