Home delivery offers restaurants a huge opportunity to expand their market and really thrive. However, many of restaurant owners will have read articles outlining the high commission food delivery companies are charging, making home delivery unprofitable for some.

There is now an affordable, quality alternative operating in Wellington and Auckland called Sendu. Sendu was started earlier this year by a group of logistic professionals and is delivering for restaurants in Auckland and Wellington. Sendu offers a set, agreed fee (not a commission) per delivery which is generally much more affordable, specialist logistics expertise for the food industry and commitment to a great delivery experience, all while affording restaurants the ability to maintain their brand identity.

General Manager Mike Stewart says the real value in Sendu is removing the pain of restaurants managing deliveries. “We bring the logistics expertise and take the hassle away, leaving restaurants to focus on making great food.”

“We kept away from using a menu aggregator because we wanted to keep the customer experience as if they were dealing more directly with our business,” said Tommy Millions Operations Manager, Daniel Ghoussoub. “SendU allows us to maintain a strong pulse on how the delivery experience is executed and they value the customer experience as highly as we do. We are confident in the Sendu team and their drivers, and I encourage other businesses to explore the benefits of the Sendu model. They are focused on ensuring the partnership is beneficial for all parties involved.”