The tang of citrus just became a staple in New Zealand pantries thanks to an innovative new product from the kitchen of Simo’s International Cuisine.

Inspired by his Moroccan roots, well known Christchurch chef Simo Abbari uses Hawke’s Bay sun-soaked orange and lemon peel to create his range of four different Simo’s Zest pastes. Kiwis can try the original and zingy Orange or Lemon Zest, or go for the layered flavours of the Lemon and Coriander, or Orange and Cinnamon.

“Citrus zest pastes bring a medley of flavours and fragrances to your cooking and baking,” Abbari said.

“Whether you want something sweet or savoury, a jar of Zest means you can transform your meal with just a teaspoon of tangy, fresh flavour. It’s like having my restaurant in your pantry.”

Zest pastes aren’t just about taste; they also make adding the tang of citrus to food easy. A microplane doesn’t need to be used. You’ll also avoid adding the bitter unwanted pith into your zest mix. It means you can add brightness and flavour to your meal simply by opening a jar.

Just a spoonful of one of Simo’s gluten-free Zest pastes will add an intense flavour and fragrance to both cooking and baking.

For more information contact Simo Abbari on 027 561 6245.