While travelling through South America in 2015, Mayan Man stumbled upon a small chocolate factory in the town of Cuzco, Peru offering a chocolate-making class. During this class, Mayan Man tried a delicious and nutritious chocolate tea made from cacao husks that were once consumed by the ancient Mayans but had since been largely forgotten. Now the husks are considered a by-product in the chocolate-making process. Cacao husk tea has a rich and chocolatey aroma and a satisfyingly smooth taste. Mayan Man wanted to share their love for the tea with others, so they created our very own. Their tea is blended and packaged in a small space in Wellington.

Their husks are all organic and ethically sourced. The tea is sugar-free, higher in antioxidants than both green tea and red wine, and is vitamin-rich.

Mayan Man is stocked throughout New Zealand in four flavours, original, coconut, peppermint and cinnamon in loose leaf or tea bags.

Mayan Man tea is the perfect addition to any café menu. Once customers try this, they will keep coming back for more.