Spring Stack


By Ryan Olsen, Ironic Café, Dunedin

Starter Bug

(Prepare two days in advance)

1 cup flour
1 cup water

  1. Combine flour and water in a bowl. Cover and sit in a cool dark place for two days.

Fresh Ciabatta

125g starter bug
250g plain flour
25g gluten flour
8g instant dried yeast
215g water
5g salt

  1. In a mixer with a dough hook attached add starter bug, flours, yeast and water. Mix on medium speed for 10 minutes. Add salt and mix for a further 10 minutes. Tip into a large oiled bowl and prove till doubled. Carefully tip onto a floured bench and stretch the mixture into a rectangular loaf shape and transfer to an oiled tray. Bake in a preheated oven 200°C for 20 minutes.

Asparagus, Chorizo, Baby Spinach

16 fresh asparagus spears – medium thickness, (or long green beans if asparagus is out of season) with woody ends snapped off
4 Verkerks chorizo sausage quartered lengthways
4 cups fresh baby spinach – packed loosely

  1. Prepare the ingredients as stated above. Set aside for assembly stage.

Roasted Tomato

4 large fresh tomatoes
4 tsp olive oil
Salt and white pepper

  1. Trim out the eye of the tomato and cut in half through the equator. Place on a tray, season with salt and white pepper and drizzle with olive oil. Roast in oven 200°C for 15 minutes. Keep warm for assembly.

Avocado Crème

1 cup chunky avocado pulp
1 cup fresh sour cream

  1. Combine together with a whisk and season with salt and white pepper. Place in a container in fridge and allow to re-set.



Radish Cress
Balsamic reduction
Paprika infused olive oil
8 slices toasted ciabatta
3 litres water
60ml white wine vinegar
8 free range eggs
8 tbsp avocado crème
4 tbsp olive oil

  1. In a large pot bring to the boil water with white wine vinegar.
  2. When water begins to boil, turn heat down to medium-high and crack eggs into water. Cook until they feel soft but slightly firm. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel.
  3. Heat olive oil in a pan and sauté asparagus and chorizo till golden. Finish off by tossing through baby spinach, season with salt and white pepper and remove from heat.
  4. Place toasted ciabatta in the centre of a warmed plate. Place roasted tomato on top of ciabatta. Stack sautéed mix on top of tomato and bread. Place eggs side by side on top of sautéed mix. Top with 2 tbsp dollop of avocado crème.
  5. Garnish the top of the stack with radish cress and drizzle two circles around the outside of the serving plate – one with balsamic reduction and the other with paprika infused olive oil.