100% NZ pork & bacon burgers

NZ Pork Image
• 1kg 100% NZ pork mince
• 1x small onion, grated
• 1 tsp salt
• 6-12 rashers 100% NZ bacon
• 6 burger buns, toasted
• Tomato relish or sauce
• 6x large tomato slices
• 2 cups Coleslaw*
• Creamy Mustard mayonnaise

1. Combine the pork, onion and salt in a bowl mixing with your hands.
2. Form into 6 patties; flatten the patties and making a small well in the middle of each.
3. Heat the barbecue or spray a frying pan with a little oil, over a high heat, add the patties and cook, turning once to desired doneness, about 5 minute the first side and 3 once flipped but this will depend on the thickness of you patty. Do not press the patty down when cooking, this squeezes out juices.
4. Let the patties rest for 5 minutes while you cook the bacon in the frying pan.
5. Place the warmed burger bottoms on a plate and top with tomato sauce or relish, pork patties, one or two rashers of bacon, tomato slices, coleslaw and creamy mustard mayo mayonnaise.
* Add grated apple tossed in lemon juice to store bought coleslaw, for a fresh twist.


Creamy mustard mayo
• ¼ cup mayonnaise
• ¼ cup creme fraiche
• 1 tbsp mustard (mild or hot to taste)

Combine all ingredients and chill.