ServeMe – Making Ordering Easy

The art of convenience is something that forward-thinking restaurants are prioritising in the modern dining world. In order for customers to have both an exceptional and efficient dining experience, it is important to streamline the ordering process. ServeMe is a state-of-the-art tool for restaurants to use to provide the perfect dining experience for their consumers.

ServeMe provides an all-encompassing platform that streamlines the ordering process for all those involved—diners with any dietary requirements, or the delay of individual dishes, for example. The confirmed orders are then sent through to restaurant staff, who can easily add or modify orders if requested. On top of that, diners at their tables can alert their waitstaff should they require assistance.

ServeMe minimises the risk of human error in busy serving periods. No one is perfect, and it can be easy for waitstaff to forget items, or place orders incorrectly, this platform takes this uncertainty away. ServeMe provides a clear and easy-to-use system that personalises the dining experience based on the guests’ preferences.

To get in touch and have a look at the ServeMe software, please phone 0277378363 or email