Shake Up, a Rotorua food truck, is offering work experience for young people who may otherwise not get a shot. Matt Browning, a self-described “founder, director, marketer, author and technical solver,” was tired of hearing that young people couldn’t get work because of a lack of experience, so he started the initiative for the express purpose of offering experience to those who may not get it otherwise. Shake Up provides the necessary training for young people to be employable upon leaving the caravan

“It can be really difficult for some people to get into work, especially if they have left school at a young age or if they headed down a path they didn’t want to,” he said. “They aren’t just learning how to make food and drinks, but they learn about customer service, budgeting, work ethic and being part of a team.”

Shake Up is a food caravan selling smoothies in summer, soups in winter and coffees all year round. Browning plans on it being a fixture at events and market days throughout Rotorua, something which Browning said was supported by the town’s booming tourism and hospitality industry.

“Tourism and hospitality is a huge part of Rotorua and if we can help get dedicated and motivated young people into meaningful work in these industries it is a win-win situation. A lot of people want to help young people get into employment, and this way they can do that through buying delicious food and drink – another win-win.”